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WAEDC April E-Newsletter


WAEDC Legislative Event

We  will be hosting a WAEDC membership event Thursday, April 23 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the St. Joseph Parish Life Center, 107 W. Pearl Street in Wapakoneta.  Senator Keith Faber, Representative John Adams, and Representative Cliff Hite will be joining us.  Our legislators will speak briefly at 5:30 p.m. followed by an opportunity for questions.  Regional staffers from Congressman Jordan's and Senator Voinivich's offices will also attend.  We hope you and your guests will be able to join us for the opportunity to network, engage with our state legislators, and enjoy some refreshments.  Thanks to our event sponsors - Cornell & Finkelmeier, GA Wintzer & Son, and Rex Katterheinrich.

IDI, Inc. Acquires Kantner Ingredients

The Ingredia Group, through its subsidiary IDI, Inc., العناية بالبشرة has purchased Kantner Ingredients in Wapakoneta as of March 31.  Founded in 1999, Kantner Ingredients manufactures blends and distributes dairy proteins for the food ingredient industry.  Ingredia Group, based in Arras, France, has a global presence in more than 120 countries.  This acquisition represents their first production facility in the United States.

"The completion of this acquisition represents a significant step for IDI Inc. in our strategy to accelerate growth in the US," said Guy Kientz, CEO of IDI.  "As a result of the acquisition, we will have a greater presence in this huge market where we see significant opportunities for growth.  This will enable us to secure our export activities formerly realized in partnership with Kantner Ingredients."

Mr. Kientz will be visiting the Wapakoneta plant during the week of April 14.  WAEDC will be hosting a plant visit and luncheon at the Heritage Room while he is in town.  He will have the opportunity to meet local elected officials and community leaders.  Plus, we will have the chance to welcome them and thank them for the investment in Wapakoneta.

Doug Kantner, founder of Kantner Ingredients, will continue operations in Wapakoneta as the Kantner Group.  He will have new offices located on N. Water Street.

KYOCERA Officials To Visit Wapakoneta

Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation, a division of Kyocera Group based in Kyoto, Japan, purchased On Time Machine Co. قناع وجه in Wapakoneta last June.  The new corporate name for our Wapakoneta plant is Kyocera-OTM.  The new plant manager is Ken Umeno.  Ken will be managing plants in North Carolina and Wapakoneta.  Mr. David Williams, Vice President and General Manager of Kyocera's Cutting Tool Product Group, will be visiting Wapakoneta in May.  WAEDC officials and representatives from the Ohio Department of Development will be meeting with him to discuss their plans for expansion at the Wapakoneta plant.

The Kyocera and IDI investments in Wapakoneta are exciting developments.  Both companies see value in being in our community.  Both are likely to expand production and create new jobs.

Wapakoneta-Auglaize County Ranks Ninth In US

For the fourth year in a row, Wapakoneta-Auglaize County has received national recognition for business expansion.  In 2008 we ranked ninth in the US among micropolitans - communities with populations under 50,000 - for job creation, capital investment, and plant expansion projects.   The rankings are prepared annually by Site Selection magazine.  In addition, the State of Ohio won the magazine's Governor Cup for having the most projects among all fifty states.  This is the third year in row that Ohio has won the trophy.  We participated in the press conference in Columbus for the trophy presentation to Governor Strickland.  In these difficult economic times, this is a bit of good news.  We can point to these statistics and tell folks about business success in Auglaize County and Ohio.

Wapakoneta Development Permit Process Revised

WAEDC has been working with the City Engineering Department to revise the City's permit process and create a user-friendly brochure to explain the process.  Our goal has been to simplify the process and make it easier for people to invest and build in Wapakoneta.  The new process and brochure will be presented to City Council at its next meeting.  If approved, the brochure will be printed in quantity and distributed widely throughout the City.  If you would like copies, please contact the WAEDC office at , 419-738-6807 or

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