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EDC Shows Team Spirit

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By William Laney, Managing Editor, Wapakoneta Daily News             With a Wapakoneta manufacturing site moving toward Ohio Job Ready Sites certification, members of the Wapakoneta Area Economic Development Council (WAEDC) are considering ways to market the community to potential end-users.
WAEDC Executive Director Greg Myers informed board members Wednesday the Auglaize County commissioners approved a request for $2,000 for membership investment for the county to be involved with Team Ohio, which is the state's marketing arm that works closely with Ohio Economic Development Association.
Myers reported Team Ohio submitted a $1.87 million appropriation request to the ODOD, with approximately $975,000 funded by the state department and approximately $900,000 from donations and fees. "This is a much more aggressive year for Team Ohio than in past years," Myers said during the meeting. "They plan on much more trade show participation, which will hopefully garner results."
A list of seminars or summits included CoreNet Global Summit, Hannover Trade Fair, K-Dash Fair and FabTech.
Two CoreNet Global summits are planned - a spring summit in Denver and a fall summit in Atlanta. The summit is attended by site consultants.
The Hannover Trade Fair, the world's largest trade show held in Hannover, Germany in April, focuses on machinery, plastics and transportation.
The K-Dash Fair, held in Dusseldorrf, Germany, in October, focuses on plastics. FabTech, scheduled to be held in Chicago in November, focuses on manufacturing technology.
Myers said board members plan to discuss possible direct participation during upcoming committee meetings and the next WAEDC meeting scheduled for 11:30 a.m. March 7.
"The board members know from my reports in 2006 that this is the type of thing that Team Ohio does," Myers said. "We have been contemplating how we should get involved, and if we get involved how should we do it."
Myers said as a member of Team Ohio, WAEDC will still receive leads on possible end users interested in a manufacturing site "even if we don't go" to a trade show or trade fair.
"When Team Ohio goes to a trade show, it goes representing the entire state of Ohio and not an individual community or an individual organization," Myers said. "They are selling the state of Ohio at these trade shows."
Myers said he anticipates committee members will discuss possibly participating in one or two shows in 2007.
"It is different actually going to a summit then just receiving a document," Myers said, "so that is what members of the Site Sales Committee are going to evaluate - to determine how we can best use our dollars in attending these shows."
WAEDC President Rodney Metz said he is looking forward to the discussions and the progress he hopes to see made by the WAEDC in 2007.
"This is exciting stuff and things are going well," Metz said. "The busier we are, the better it is - and Greg likes to be kept very busy."