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Cost of Living


In Wapakoneta a low cost of living makes life richer.

Compared with the rest of the United States, Wapakoneta residents enjoy a low cost of living. Coupled with reasonably-priced housing, Wapakoneta offers a competitive alternative to metropolitan markets. At $104,100, Wapakoneta's median home value is $80,000 less than the national average - 66% of households are homeowners. found Wapakoneta to be one of the most affordable small towns in Ohio.  That's third party validation that homes simply cost less here, which makes the initial capital needs for a move to Wapakoneta much more feasible. In other words, you get a lot for your money. And after your purchase, our local property taxes are remarkably low. For example, someone whose property has a market value of $400,000 - a very nice home in Wapakoneta - would pay only $4700 in total annual real estate tax.

And what a place to live! We have beautiful neighborhoods filled with friendly, caring people, and well-kept homes. even ranked Wapakoneta one of Ohio's Best Hometown's. Housing choices are available for every means. We have modern, first-class subdivisions and vintage 19th century homes. We have modest starter homes, rambling family-size homes, and high-quality corporate executive homes. 

Wapakoneta's low cost of living means that median family income of $49,934 simply goes further in West Central Ohio than most of the rest of the country. Your purchasing power is stronger here than in many areas, especially in major metropolitan or coastal markets. With Wapakoneta's low cost of living, corporate professionals get a wonderful, fulfilling quality of life without a big-city dent to salaries.


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