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County Solid Waste Coordinator Retires

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Auglaize County Solid Waste District Coordinator Dave Reichelderfer announced he will retire at the end of the year, saying it is “just the right time.”

“I talked to people who had retired and asked them how they decided when to retire, and they said ‘you’ll just know when the time comes,’ so I think that time is here for me,” Reichelderfer said. “It’s time to try something different and let someone else take over.”

Reichelderfer’s retirement will go into effect Dec. 31, 2014, and he will continue to work at his current position until that time. In the meantime, the Auglaize County Commissioners have begun looking for his replacement.

County commissioners are currently accepting applications for the position. Completion of a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, engineering, business or public administration or a related relevant position with a minimum of three years experience is preferred. Applicants should also have supervisory and personnel management experience, as well as knowledge of Ohio Solid Waste regulations.

Reichelderfer has held his current position since 1995 and has worked for the county since 1980. Before accepting the job as the solid waste district coordinator, Reichelderfer was hired as head of the county’s job training program. He had also worked for the county engineer’s office where he was responsible for employee health insurance administration.

The position of solid waste district coordinator has two main responsibilities, Reichelderfer said. The first is to be the operator and manager of the county’s recycling processing system and to work with all the cities within the county to coordinate the recycling program. The second aspect of the job is to be a liaison between the commissioners and the Solid Waste District Planning Committee, as well as the Ohio EPA.

Reichelderfer said part of being a liaison among these organizations is implementing the solid waste district plan, which has to be updated every five years.

Reichelderfer said what he will miss most about the job is being able to work with the various community groups within the county that volunteer at the recycling centers.

One of those groups is the Cridersville Methodist Church, where Reichelderfer is a member. He said he will continue to volunteer with that group a couple times a year when it is their turn to man the recycling center in Wapakoneta on Saturday mornings.

When asked what his plans were for retirement, Reichelderfer said he is still unsure exactly what he wants to become involved in going forward, but said he will likely pick up a part-time job.

“I still plan on doing something I just don’t know what yet,” he said. “I might try to find something a little different than what I’m doing now, it just depends on what comes available. I just want something to keep me busy.”

One thing he said he knows for sure is that retiring will give him more time to spend with his family. The 66-year-old has two children and four grandchildren and currently resides with his wife in Cridersville.

As for his replacement, Reichelderfer said he hopes the commissioners will hire someone by Nov. 1 so that he can spend a couple months training them.

Those interested in the solid waste district coordinator position should submit their resume, cover letter and application to the Auglaize County Commissioners at by 4 p.m. on Sept. 17.